Zone 13 Celebrates

Bluegrass Region Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The Region charter was approved by PCA Executive Council on February 2, 2003; charter issued 2/22 2003. We have all ready started to celebrate.

Please enjoy the article below for a little background on the Formation of the Bluegrass Region.

Region Name? Ken Partymiller brought this up in the email discussions. What’s in a name? As petitioners, THAT was our responsibility so that PCA’ s Executive Council could review the petition. “Lexington Region?” “Bluegrass Region?” Too generic and geographic. How about “Equus Region?” Good one, but would others understand the connection to horses? After some discussion, “Bluegrass Region” it was.

With our petition to the PCA Executive Council finally in the possession of the PCA National office in Maryland in early January 2003, it became a waiting game. The Region charter was approved by PCA Executive Council on February 2, 2003; charter issued February 22, 2003. On February 2, 2003, Phillip Doty attended the National Board meeting in Albuquerque, NM since he was on the national staff as Procedures Committee Chairman. Prior to the five-person EC meeting on Saturday, he asked the National Secretary Kurt Gibson if there were any last-minute questions about the petition, and learned there were none. The long sought Charter was eventually sent to the then Region President, Brian Kiser and was later framed.

We needed a newsletter to be communicate with the members. Ah… the story behind the name. Cheryl Doty was working in media matters in her then-current job so she sorta, kinda, volunteered to be the first “editor.” She had been the editor of the Kentucky Region newsletter for several years, receiving several National PCA awards in the 1990s. Name? Cheryl wanted to call it “Burgoo.” For those outside of the Commonwealth, that is a frontier-based stew, with numerous ingredients that is marinated and slow cooked for days before serving. Since the Region has so many diverse members, each with opinions that could come together in a newsletter, she contended that “Burgoo” was appropriate. Like the Region name, “Equus,” that was originally proposed, I replied that while appropriate, “Equus” was not descriptive to those outside Kentucky. I made the same argument about “Burgoo.” Disagreeing with a tall redhead is always a dangerous predicament. I (gently…) countered about the uniqueness of that term and it not being recognized. I counter offered “Rumble.”

The origin of the Region logo is also fascinating. It was designed by then-member Joey Police, perhaps at the request of first President Brian Kiser and first appeared on the paper member ID badges.

The new members were enthusiastic. At one point, we held a meeting at the home of Becky Cleaver to discuss a ‘car show’ possibly at Keeneland or some similar venue. In attendance were several Charter members, and Region member Tom Jones. After preliminary discussions, Tom spoke up and said, (words to the effect) “If you want a car show that’s fine. If you want to do a Concours, I can help.” With help from many Bluegrass Region members, the first Keeneland Concours d’Elegance (originally called “The Lexington Concours”) was held in June 2003 at the Keeneland racetrack, where Porsche was the featured Marque. Over the years, the Keeneland Concours, along with the Car Corral donations, have contributed over $837,000 to the UK Children’s Hospital.

In June 2003 BGS also initiated what has become the First Saturday Cars & Coffee monthly gathering. This event is open for all central Kentucky “gearheads” regardless of automotive make or model. It is held year-round and is a community favorite.

Twice our Region has hosted the PCA National Executive Council for its semi-annual meeting. Our newsletter and webpage have received national awards. In 2022, the Region hosted it first multi-Region event, “PCA Friday,” in conjunction with the Keeneland Concours. Along the way, we have hosted Tech Session, drives and donations to charities that benefit many in the Central and Eastern Kentucky counties.

So, from the issuance of verbal challenge in the Fall of 2002 to chartering in early 2003, and many events and efforts, the Bluegrass Region has, like its namesake, outperformed itself in many ways.