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Milwaukee Region Celebrates 60th Anniversary (updated April 30, 2020)

Milwaukee Region is celebrating their 60th year and has planned many special activities. The year-long celebration culminates with a fabulous finale event! It is a dinner at the Harley Davidson Museum on October 24, 2020 with two wonderful key note speakers.The guest speakers will be none other than Hurley Haywood and Sean Cridland. Sean Cridland co-authored with Hurly Haywood the book, Hurley from the Beginning. This book chronicles the life of Hurley and how he became one of the most famous Porsche race car drivers. Milwaukee Region has been gracious enough to invite members from outside their region to attend. It should be a great event and the perfect conclusion to their 60th Anniversary celebration!

Left to right: Buzz Hahn, Hal Zimdars, Tom Spiegel and Donna Hahn
Hal Zimdars (kneeling behind the car) works on a customer’s 356 in his early days as one of the area’s first Porsche mechanics.


April 2020:  This month, the Milwaukee region celebrates a milestone. It was 60 years ago in April 1960 that the region was formed. Check out an interview that we did with some of the region’s founding members.

April 29th, 2020:  60 years ago today, our region was founded. Thanks to those 10 founding members who had a passion for Porsche and enjoyed the camaraderie among other Porsche owners. While our 60th anniversary schedule is on hold at the moment, we look forward to celebrating with gusto as soon as we gather in groups again. We now number more than 600 members. Not a member? Join us. Sign up at